1. A fast clustering algorithm in image segmentation

2. Customer relationship management using data mining algorithm predict in insurance trade

3. Constructing Inter-Domain Packet Filters to Control IP Spoofing Based on BGP Updates

4. Face recognition using Eigen faces algorithm

5. Congestion avoidance over local area network using leaky bucket algorithm.

6. Duplicate file deletion in peer to peer storage systems using randomized algorithm

7. Optical character recognition based similarity measure for an editable machine readable digital text format

8. Iris authentication based application using entropy measure

9. Motion Detection Process using Web Cam

10. Files hiding on image based on stegno analysis format using least significant method

11. Edge detection using canny, Sobel, Robertson algorithm

12. Image compression and viewing based on visible watermarking

13. Intrusion Detection system using Data Mining Concepts

14. GPSR algorithms for different network topology

15. Barcode generator process for user inputs

16. Stenography using audio and video file hiding

17. Ant algorithm based start and ending system

18. Password Generation using Hash Message Authentication

19. Multiple Client Chatting Based On GUI Format in Windows Application

20. Distribute network Chat application for a client/server process

21. Travelling Salesman Problem Using Genetic Algorithm

22. Location Based Services Use Of Accidents Reporting

23. Remote Method Invocation using Monitoring System Process

24. Mobile Snake Game Using Java Swing

25. Wordix game in Mobile Application


26. Pay Roll Management System Using Windows Application

27. Budget Analysis System for Industries

28. Faculty Resource Management System

29. Crime File System

30. Resource Management system for travelers

31. Bus Scheduling and Management system

32. Online Address Book Maintenance system

33. University Management System

34. Vehicle management system using Java Server Page

35. HRMS for Consultancy

36. Mail Application Using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol In Intranet

37. Supply chain management in web application.

38. Online examination using J2EE

39. Campus Interview Management System

40. Airlines reservation using windows application

41. Advocate Management System using Windows application

42. Mobile Shop Billing Application System

43. Online Ad Server Website Management System

44. Online Advertising Agency Management System

45. Quiz Competition in windows application

46. Hospital Management System

47. Hotel Management System

48. Library management System

49. Entire Banking system in windows application


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