About Us

Vision & Mission


To develop a premier world class education centre, for creating global project management professionals, thereby making Wingz Technologies a centre of excellence in project management.


To develop and deliver high quality education and research in project management in consonance with the vision of Wingz Technologies by providing state-of-the-art infrastructure and learner friendly atmosphere with innovative pedagogy thereby creating a pool of world class and socially responsible project professionals.

Provide a high quality and relevant education in project management for all Wingz technologies employees and prepare them to be proficient as contributing members of project teams and also as excellent project managers. Collate and disseminate the body of knowledge in project management as practiced in Wingz Technologies Body of Knowledge through structured courses in project management. Develop and deliver project management cases from projects undertaken by Wingz Technologies. Benchmark global project management practices and incorporate these practices in the curriculum thereby creating a centre of excellence in project management. Collaborate with leading institutes of repute across the globe for research in project management for enhancing excellence in project management.Create a unique body of knowledge - Wingztech - and document in archival publications and textbooks. Develop and nurture a talent pool of project management trainers from the practicing managers as a resource for the organisation.