1. Introduction to Java What is Java?
Background/History of Java
The Internet and Java's place in it
Applications and Applets
Java Virtual Machine
Byte code - not an executable code
Procedure-Oriented vs. Object-Oriented Programming
Basics of OOP
Compiling and running a simple "Hello World" program
2. Holding Data Primitive Data types
User-Definied Data Types
Type Convversion and Casting
Objects and Wrapper Classes
Command-Line Arguments
Array of Primitive Data Types
Command-Line Syntax
Garbage Collection
6.Handling Error & Exceptions Basic Exceptions
Proper use of Exceptions
user Defined Exceptions
Catching Exception
Throwing and re-throwing
Cleaning up using the finally clause
7. Handling Strings Creation, Concatenation and Conversion of string
Changing Case
Character Extraction
String Comparsion
searching Strings
Modifying Strings
String Buffer
8. Threads Create/instantiate/Start New Threads
Understand Thread Execution
Thread Priorities
inter-Thread Communication,Deadlock
9. I/O and Streams Package
Files and directories
Reading/Writing Console Input/Output
Reading and writing Files
The Serialization Interface
11. Holding Collection of data Arrays and collection classes/interfaces
Map/List/Set Implementations
Collection Classes
Accessing Collections/use of and iterator
12. Java Applications Intro to AWT and Swing
Working with Frame, windows, graphics, color, fonts
AWT controls
Layout Managers
JFrame and JPanel containers
User Interface Events
Adapter Classes
15. Basic Networking Concepts Manuplating URL's
Establishing a Simple Server
Establishing a Simple Server
Client/server Interaction using TCP
Connectionless Client/Server interaction using Datagram(UDP)