SQL stands for Structured Query Language which is used to manage data in a RDBMS. SQL is the most used database language. SQL Server is the best platform for enterprise data management, modern development and implementation of current business intelligence solutions. SQL Server offers better functionality, performance, scalability and security. Our SQL DBA course provides the fundamental knowledge and skills about SQL Server.

SQL Server DBA Training Syllabus

Our Syllabus covers all the aspects of the SQL Server DBA and all its components and features. It includes relational database basics as well as SQL Server administration. We also provides an introduction to the business intelligence (BI). Our SQL DBA Training Syllabus includes the following.

SQL Concepts
SQL Overview
Database Schema
Data integrity with constraints
Manipulating Data
Applying transactions
Developing In-Line and Stored Views
Sub Queries in Expressions
Nested Queries
Aggregate functions
Set operators
Single and Multiple Table Queries
Basic SQL DBA Concepts
Blocking and Deadlocks
Partitioning Techniques
DB Snapshots and usage
Backup and Restore Techniques
Replication Techniques
Log Shipping Issues
DB Mirroring and Troubleshooting
Security Management & Performance Tuning
Import & Export SSIS Packages
Database Cloning and Objects
Advanced SQL DBA Concepts
Certificates and Signatures
Cryptography & Security Keys
Query Troubleshooting
SQL Server Profiler
DB Engine Tuning Advisor
SQL Server Clustering Concepts
Data Movement Procedures
SQL CMD & Remote Access
Maintenance Plans & SSIS
Database Mail Alerts
Client Level Statistics