1. Academic Enrolment Process

2. Material Export Management System

3. Client Server Quantum Key Distributive Protocol System

4. Outsourced Relational Database Reversible Watermarking In Video

5. Digital Steganography Hiding Data Within Data

6. Texture Transfer Using Geometric Correlation

7. Virtual Based Energy Keying by Rc4 Stream Encryption Algorithm

8. Legal Compliance Events Management System.

9. Life Line Blood Bank Organisation

10. E-Fin Trading through Brokerage

11. Link Analysis for Mining Relational Databases.

12. On Exploiting Transient Social Contact Patterns For Data Forwarding In Delay Tolerant Networks

13. A Spatial Clustering Method With Edge Weighting for Image Segmentation

14. Probabilistic Lifetime Maximization Of Sensor Networks

15. Automatic License Plate Tracking Using C#.Net

16. Vision process in 2d image to 3d image.

17. Data Hiding In Image Steganography

18. Automobile Dealership Maintenance

19. Efficient Resource Allocation For Wireless Network

20. Real-time Object Tracking System.

21. Driver License Management System.

22. Automatic Finance Accounting.

23. Travel Agency Ticket Booking

24. Advanced ip trace back by probabilistic packet marking technique.


1. Online Automatic Teller Machine

2. Client Server Based Live Conference

3. Online Courier Information System

4. Crime Record Management System

5. Fingerprint Authentication In Internet Banking

6. Transport Identity Permittance Authority

7. Visa Processing System

8. Online Rental Management System.

9. Software Project Management Tools

10. Mingle Box - Coders And Buyers Can Benefit By Bidding

11. Search College And Course using ASP.NET

12. Online Tax Management System.

13. E –Tendering system by using three tier architecture

14. Online Tourism Project Management System

15. Online Tracking In Greyhound Fleet Manager

16. E2m Conference-A web enabled communication between employees and employer

17. Online Immigration Clearance System

18. File Sharing System by Docket Type.

19. Flaw Tracking System

20. Online Speed Cash Maintenance System

21. SMS Application Project

22. Patient Management System.

23. Online Auto Marketing Sales System.

24. Online Shopping Website with Payment.

25. Online Study Management System.

26. Content Management System.

27. Project Scheduler System.

28. Efficient Tracking and Analyse the Payroll Process

29. Quality Controller Work Process In An Iso 9000 Certificate-Issuing Agency.

30. Back To My Village.

31. Online College Administration.

32. Co-Operate Recruitment System.

33. College Web Portal System.

34. Online Quiz Project.


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