The Dream…Hire Experienced Employees who Require very little, if any,Training. Butthis Dream Conflicts with Reality. How can Organizations meet the Needs of Today and Prepare the Workforce of the future? One Solution is to Develop a Quality Internship program...

What Is An Internship?

An Academic internship is a form of experiential education that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skill development in a professional setting. This work/learning arrangementis overseen by a faculty or staff member of an educational institution and by a designated employee of an organization. The internship is usually the length or equivalent of an academic term,may be parttime or fulltime, paid or unpaid. An integral component of the experience that distinguishes it from other types of work is one ormore forms of structured and deliberate reflection contained within learning agendas or objectives.


Designing an internship program that meets your needs:

Step 1: Set goals:

Android Mobile App Development
Web Desinging and Development
PHP with MySQL
Hadoop Big Data
Software Testing
Cloud Computing
SEO Training
Embedded System
Matlab Image Processing

Benefits of Internship Training

100% Practical Knowledge and Recognized certificate

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