IEEE 2023 Embedded System Project Titles

SNo Project Title Domain Year
EMB1 Development of Web-Based Smart Security Door Using QR Code System Security 2023
EMB2 Systematic Survey on Smart Home Safety and Security Systems Using the Arduino Platform Security 2023
EMB3 Design of Intelligent Voice Message Doorbell Based on Microcontroller Security 2023
EMB4 Smart Parking with Computer Vision and IoT Technology Security 2023
EMB5 IOT Based Women Security: A Contemplation Security 2023
EMB6 Wireless Home Automation Communication and Security with Internet of Things Security 2023
EMB7 Pulse Induction Metal Detector: A Performance Application Security 2023
EMB8 Arduino Based Smart Home Warning System Security 2023
EMB9 Arduino Based Iot Device for Septuagenarian Fall Detection Arduino 2023
EMB10 Arduino based Hardware Implementation of Automatic Side Stand for Motor Bike Arduino 2023
EMB11 Arduino and Remote based Gesture Keyboard Arduino 2023
EMB12 Design and Development of Temperature Control Loop of Hair Dryer Using Arduino Arduino 2023
EMB13 Arduino based Sensor Equipped Fire Surveillance Drone Arduino 2023
EMB14 Design and Development of IoT based Robotic Arm by using Arduino Arduino 2023
EMB15 Design and Implementation of an Arduino Based Smart Home Arduino 2023
EMB16 ATM Security System Using Arduino Arduino 2023
EMB17 Arduino Based traffic congestion control with automatic signal clearance for emergency vehicles and Stolen Vehicle Detection Arduino 2023
EMB18 Arduino based Automated Domestic Waste Segregator Arduino 2023
EMB19 Real-time Location Tracker for Critical Health Patient using Arduino, GPS Neo6m and GSM Sim800L in Health Care Arduino 2023
EMB20 Arduino based Automated Sports Court Drawing Bot Arduino 2023
EMB21 Design and Implementation of Intelligent Light Control System Based on Arduino Arduino 2023
EMB22 Arduino based Smart Borewell Ambulance Rescue System Arduino 2023
EMB23 An Automated Electronic tounge with instantaneous taste detectors using IR sensor and Arduino Arduino 2023
EMB24 Smart Door Using Biometric NFC Band and OTP Based Methods Arduino 2023
EMB25 Intelligent Braking System Arduino 2023
EMB26 Voice Assisted and Gesture Controlled Companion Robot Arduino 2023
EMB27 Sand Mining Detection - Using IOT Arduino 2023
EMB28 Automated Smart Locker for College Arduino 2023
EMB29 Obstacle Detecting Multifunctional AGRIBOT Driven By Solar Power Arduino 2023
EMB30 An IoT-Based Smart Aquarium Monitoring System Arduino 2023
EMB31 IOT based Electrical Device Surveillance and Control System IoT 2023
EMB32 Smart Energy Efficient Home Automation System Using IoT IoT 2023
EMB33 Automation in Agriculture and IoT IoT 2023
EMB34 Wireless Power Transmission for the Internet of Things (IoT) IoT 2023
EMB35 Design and Analysis of IoT-Based Intelligent Robot for Real-Time Monitoring and Control IoT 2023
EMB36 Development of an Energy Meter based on IoT IoT 2023
EMB37 An IoT-Based Intelligent System for Real-Time Parking Monitoring and Automatic Billing IoT 2023
EMB38 Design and Analysis of IoT based Air Quality Monitoring System IoT 2023
EMB39 Waste Management Improvement in Cities using IoT IoT 2023
EMB40 Low Cost IoT Enabled Weather Station IoT 2023
EMB41 IoT Based Power Monitoring System for Smart Grid Applications IoT 2023
EMB42 Protecting the Agriculture field by IoT Application IoT 2023
EMB43 Internet of Things (IoT) Based Smart Health Care Medical Box for Elderly People IoT 2023
EMB44 Wheelchair control through eye blinking and IoT platform IoT 2023
EMB45 Development of IoT Heartbeat and Body Temperature Monitoring System for Community Health Volunteer IoT 2023
EMB46 Raspberry pi based Intelligent Reader for Visually Impaired Persons Raspberry pi 2023
EMB47 Indoor Intrusion Detection and Filtering System Using Raspberry Pi Raspberry pi 2023
EMB48 Design of smart home controller based on raspberry PI Raspberry pi 2023
EMB49 Automatic Identification of Vehicle Plate Number using Raspberry Pi Raspberry pi 2023
EMB50 Detection of Vehicle Maximum Speed with an Infrared Sensor Based on Raspberry Pi 3 b + Raspberry pi 2023
EMB51 Automated Exterior Wall Painting Robot Using Raspberry Pi Raspberry pi 2023
EMB52 Low Cost Extended Wireless Network Using Raspberry Pi 3B+ Raspberry pi 2023
EMB53 Braille Book Reader using Raspberry Pi Raspberry pi 2023
EMB54 Secure Home Entry Using Raspberry Pi with Notification via Telegram Raspberry pi 2023
EMB55 An intelligent baby monitoring system based on Raspberry PI, IoT sensors and convolutional neural network Raspberry pi 2023
EMB56 Real Time Vehicle Detection, Tracking and Counting Using Raspberry-Pi Raspberry pi 2023
EMB57 Intelligent HMI and Control for Steering a Powered Wheelchair Using a Raspberry Pi Microcomputer Raspberry pi 2023
EMB58 Automated Motion Detection Security System Notifier using Raspberry Pi with Telegram Raspberry pi 2023
EMB59 Design and Implementation of Advanced Automatic Driving System using Raspberry Pi Raspberry pi 2023
EMB60 Face Recognition Based Smart Attendance System Raspberry pi 2023
EMB61 Voice Assisted and Gesture Controlled Companion Robot Raspberry pi 2023
EMB62 24×7 Smart IoT based Integrated Home Security System Raspberry pi 2023
EMB63 Surveillance Camera using IoT and Raspberry Pi Raspberry pi 2023
EMB64 MobileNet Neural Network skin disease detector with Raspberry pi Integrated to Telegram Raspberry pi 2023
EMB65 Image Text Reader for Visually Impaired in Desired Language Raspberry pi 2023
EMB66 A LoRa Based Wireless Relay Network for Actuator Data Wireless networks 2023
EMB67 IOT Based Wireless Sensor Network for Air Pollution Monitoring Wireless networks 2023
EMB68 Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network as Fire Detector using Arduino Nano Wireless networks 2023
EMB69 Arduino-Based Wireless Motion Detecting System Wireless networks 2023
EMB70 Design and Implementation of Bionic Manipulator System with Wireless Control Wireless networks 2023
EMB71 Wireless Hand Gesture Recognition for an Automatic Fan Speed Control System: Rule-Based Approach Wireless networks 2023
EMB72 Design and Implementation of Portable Smart Wireless Pedestrian Crossing Control System Wireless networks 2023
EMB73 Low Power Wireless Data Transfer for Internet of Things: GSM Network Measuring Results Wireless networks 2023
EMB74 Implementation of an IoT based Pet Care System Wireless networks 2023
EMB75 Analysis of the Water Quality Monitoring System Wireless networks 2023
EMB76 IoT based Smart Parking System: A Proposed Algorithm and Model Wireless networks 2023
EMB77 Design of Intelligent Voice Message Doorbell Based on Microcontroller Wireless networks 2023
EMB78 Design and Realization of Blood Oxygen and Heart Rate Sensor Nodes in Wireless Body Area Network Wireless networks 2023
EMB79 Internet Controlled Car Wireless networks 2023
EMB80 Arduino based Virtual Keyboard for Locked-in-Syndrome Biomedical 2023
EMB81 Implementation of Internet of Things in Biomedical Measurement and Instrumentation Course Project Biomedical 2023
EMB82 Arduino based Real Time Drowsiness and Fatigue Detection for Bikers using Helmet Biomedical 2023
EMB83 Low-Complexity System and Algorithm for an Emergency Ventilator Sensor and Alarm Biomedical 2023
EMB84 Gesture Controlled Wheel Chair and Convertible Wheel Chair into Stretcher Biomedical 2023
EMB85 Gesture-based Contactless Control of Mobile Manipulators using Capacitive Sensing Robotics 2023
EMB86 Navigation Command Matching for Vision-based Autonomous Driving Robotics 2023
EMB87 Exploiting Object Similarity for Robotic Visual Recognition Robotics 2023
EMB88 Mobile Robot Swarm Navigation and Communication Using LoRaWan Robotics 2023
EMB89 Increasing Accessibility of Electric Vehicles with Joystick Based Drive-By-Wire Model Robotics 2023
EMB90 Design of a Biped Water Supply Robot Based on Single Chip Microcomputer Robotics 2023
EMB91 Low power Smart Vehicle Tracking, Monitoring, Collision avoidance and Antitheft System Robotics 2023
EMB92 Design of Intelligent Agricultural Greenhouse Control System Based on Single-chip Microcomputer Robotics 2023
EMB93 Automated Exterior Wall Painting Robot Using Raspberry Pi Robotics 2023
EMB94 IoT-Based Smart Shopping Cart Using Radio Frequency Identification Robotics 2023
EMB95 Integration of the Mobile Robot and Internet of Things to Monitor Older People Robotics 2023
EMB96 Design, Implementation, and Controlling of a Humanoid Robot Robotics 2023
EMB97 OmBURo: A Novel Unicycle Robot with Active Omnidirectional Wheel Robotics 2023
EMB98 Military Support and Rescue Robot Robotics 2023
EMB99 Intuitive Voice Controlled Robot for Obstacle, Smoke and Fire Detection for Physically Challenged People Robotics 2023
EMB100 Arduino based Automated Sports Court Drawing Bot Robotics 2023
EMB101 Design and Development of IoT-based Robot Robotics 2023
EMB102 Electrical appliances control prototype by using GSM module and Arduino Electrical 2023
EMB103 An Arduino based Speed and Rotor Position Measurement Technique for Electric Drives Electrical 2023
EMB104 Design and development of an autonomous floodgate using arduino uno and motor driver controller Electrical 2023
EMB105 Arduino GSM based Power Theft Detection and Energy Metering System Electrical 2023
EMB106 Implementation of Wireless Communication to Transfer Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Data using Arduino Uno Electrical 2023
EMB107 Development of IoT Heartbeat and Body Temperature Monitoring System for Community Health Volunteer Electrical 2023
EMB108 Charging Of Electric Vehicles Battery Using Bidirectional Converter Electrical 2023
EMB109 IoT Based Intelligent Smart Controller For Electric Vehicles Electrical 2023
EMB110 Design and Construction of a Solar Hybrid Electric Motorbike Electrical 2023
EMB111 Brushless DC Hub Motor Drive Control for Electric Vehicle Applications Electrical 2023
EMB112 Efficiency of Regenerative Braking in Electric Vehicles Electrical 2023
EMB113 A Design Method of Air-Cooled Radiator Based on Electric Aircraft Controller Electrical 2023
EMB114 Power Supply Multisource Solar/Battery For Electric Scooter Electrical 2023
EMB115 Real Time Speed Control of the DC Motor in LABVIEW Electrical 2023
EMB116 Performance Improvement in BLDC Motor Drive Using Self-Tuning PID Controller Electrical 2023
EMB117 Experimental Verification of Automatic Sorting Machine Using Infrared Proximity Sensor and Microcontroller General 2023
EMB118 Microcontroller based Intelligent Braking System in Electric Scooters General 2023
EMB119 A Compact Microcontroller-Based MEMS Rate Integrating Gyroscope Module with Automatic Asymmetry Calibration General 2023
EMB120 Design of Intelligent Voice Message Doorbell Based on Microcontroller General 2023
EMB121 Low Cost Automation System for Smart Houses based on PIC Microcontrollers General 2023
EMB122 Arduino-compatible microcontroller module for electronics practices and environmental monitoring General 2023
EMB123 Internet Controlled Car General 2023
EMB124 Analysis of the Water Quality Monitoring System General 2023
EMB125 Implementation of PI Controller in Reconfigurable PSoC Microcontroller to Control the Speed of Mobile Robot Drives General 2023
EMB126 LED-Based Wake-Up Circuit for Microcontrollers General 2023
EMB127 IoT Controlled Aquaponic System General 2023
EMB128 Implementation of a Child Rescue System from Borewell using Zigbee for Long Range Applications General 2023
EMB129 Design of SPWM control unit based on microcontroller for photovoltaic inverters General 2023
EMB130 AutoMATiC: Code Generation of Model Predictive Control Algorithms for Microcontrollers General 2023
EMB131 Implementing a true-RMS AC Power Factor meter on the PIC18 microcontroller General 2023
EMB132 Design of Soft-Switching Inverter Power Supply Based on PWM in the Microcontroller General 2023
EMB133 Automated Poultry Farm with Microcontroller based Parameter Monitoring System and Conveyor Mechanism General 2023
EMB134 Design of Intelligent Unlocking System in Computer Room Based on Embedded Technology General 2023
EMB135 Security Surveillance Bot for Remote Observation During Pandemics General 2023
EMB136 Intelligent Trashcan Monitoring System Using Iot General 2023
EMB137 Automatic Irrigation System Based on Internet of Things for Crop Yield Prediction General 2023
EMB138 A NodeMCU based Fire Safety and Air Quality Monitoring Device General 2023
EMB139 Proposal of an industrial communication system based on ZigBee technology General 2023
EMB140 Automatic Person Count Indication System using IoT in a Hotel Infrastructure General 2023
EMB141 Robotic Arm Controlling Based on Fingers and Hand Gesture General 2023
EMB142 Smart Monitoring and Management System for Efficient Cultivation General 2023
EMB143 Design of a Smart Home System Using Bluetooth Protocol General 2023
EMB144 Pump Controlling Solution using Smart Technology with Audio Notification General 2023
EMB145 ImHome: An IoT for Smart Home Appliances General 2023
EMB146 Smart Green Farm General 2023
EMB147 Intelligent Lighting Control and Energy Management System General 2023
EMB148 Design and Implementation of an Automated Dry Solar-Panel Cleaning System General 2023
EMB149 Smart Indoor Air Pollution Monitoring Station General 2023
EMB150 Smart Power Socket using Internet of Things General 2023
EMB151 Arduino-based Automated Washroom Sanitizing System General 2023
EMB152 Solar Powered Automated Multi-Tasking Agricultural Robot General 2023
EMB153 Energy Management of Renewable and Alternative Energy in Domestic Cooking General 2023
EMB154 Automatic Object Detection and Separation for Industrial Process Automation General 2023
EMB155 GSM Based Irrigation System For Moitoring Agriculture GPS/GSM/GPRS 2023
EMB156 Arduino GSM based Power Theft Detection and Energy Metering System GPS/GSM/GPRS 2023
EMB157 Automatic gate control for highly secure organization using RFID and GSM Technology GPS/GSM/GPRS 2023
EMB158 Development and Performance Analysis of a GPS-GSM Guided System for Vehicle Tracking GPS/GSM/GPRS 2023
EMB159 An Effiecient Smart Irrigation System for Solar System by using PIC and GSM GPS/GSM/GPRS 2023
EMB160 IoT Based Health Monitoring System GPS/GSM/GPRS 2023
EMB161 Low power Smart Vehicle Tracking, Monitoring, Collision avoidance and Antitheft System GPS/GSM/GPRS 2023
EMB162 Fuel Theft Prevention System GPS/GSM/GPRS 2023
EMB163 IOT Based Smart Helmet for Construction Workers GPS/GSM/GPRS 2023
EMB164 Smart Vehicle Parking System Using IoT GPS/GSM/GPRS 2023
EMB165 Arduino based Smart Walking Cane for Visually Impaired People GPS/GSM/GPRS 2023
EMB166 Internet of Things (IoT) Based Fire Alert Monitoring System for Car Parking GPS/GSM/GPRS 2023
EMB167 Smart Wearable Device for Women Safety Using IoT GPS/GSM/GPRS 2023
EMB168 Development of a LPG Monitoring and Automatic Cylinder Booking System Based on Wireless Sensor Network GPS/GSM/GPRS 2023
EMB169 IoT Instrumented Food and Grain Warehouse Traceability System for Farmers GPS/GSM/GPRS 2023
EMB170 Design of a Smart Home System Using Bluetooth Protocol Li-fi/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/NFC 2023
EMB171 IOT based smart billing and direction controlled trolly Li-fi/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/NFC 2023
EMB172 Door automation system based on speech command android smartphone Li-fi/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/NFC 2023
EMB173 Development of mobile robot using lidar technology based on arduino controller Li-fi/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/NFC 2023
EMB174 A new alarming system for an underground mining environment using visible light communications Li-fi/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/NFC 2023
EMB175 Non-invasive remote health monitoring system using visible light communication Li-fi/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/NFC 2023
EMB176 Vlc-signals distribution for in-home wireless networks Li-fi/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/NFC 2023
EMB177 IoT based Emergency Vehicle Communication System V2V Communication 2023
EMB178 Vehicle to Vehicle Communication: Dedicated Short Range Communication and Safety Awareness V2V Communication 2023
EMB179 Remote Monitoring of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Smart Campus Parking Lot V2V Communication 2023
WTEMP001 IOT based weather monitoring system using Node MCU and Blynk Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP002 Implementation of Spy Robot for A Surveillance System using Internet of Things Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP003 Renewable Energy System Based Green House Environment Monitoring System Using Internet of Things Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP004 Multi-Tasking Robot for Smart Agriculture Monitoring Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP005 IOT Solar Energy Based Multipurpose Agricultural Robot for Smart Farming Monitoring System Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP006 Design and Implementation of IOT Based Smart Home Monitoring System and Control Electrical Appliances Using Blynk App Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP007 IOT Based Dual Axis Sun Tracking Solar Panel Monitoring and Solar Power Management System Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP008 Smart Safety Helmet for Bike Riders using IOT Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP009 IOT Based Train accident prevented and alert to who are near in track Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP010 IOT Based Smart Alert System for Drowsy Driver Detection Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP011 Design and Implementation of a Smart Parking System using IoT Technology Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP012 IOT Based Induction Motor Monitoring and Control System Using Blynk APP Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP013 IOT based Smart Water Pumping System for Agriculture applications Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP014 IOT Based Electricity Energy Meter Monitoring Using Blynk Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP015 Internet of Things based Waste management system for Smart city Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP016 An Innovative Two Level Model for Electric Vehicle Parking Lots in Distribution System with Renewable Energy Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP017 IOT Based Smart Sewage Monitoring System for Smart City Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP018 IOT Based Wireless Robot Development for Medical Sensor Data Monitoring System Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP019 IOT Based Ocean Cleaning and Weather Monitoring and Boat Tracking System Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP020 IOT Based Coal Mine Safety Monitoring and Alerting System Using Robotics IOT Based Design and Development of a Pipeline Inspection Robot Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP021 IOT Based Mining Tracking and Worker Safety Helmet Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP022 Wireless Surveillance Robot with Motion Detection and Live Video Transmission Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP023 IOT Based Object Detection and Identification with Open CV using ESP32 cam Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP024 IOT Based Automatic Street Light Monitoring and Control System for Smart Cities Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP025 IOT Based Self-Controlled Robot for Military Applications Purpose Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP026 IOT Based Wireless Multi-Functional Robot for Military Applications Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP027 Real-Time Monitoring Of Environment Factors Enhanced With Iot Technology Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP028 Solar Powered Wheel Chair with Hand Gesture Controller for Physically Challenged Persons Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP029 Design And Implementation Of IOT Based Integrated Model For Warehouse Inventory Management And Environment Monitoring System Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP030 IOT Based Flood Monitoring And Alerting System for Smart Cities Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP031 IOT System for Mobile Application Based Remote Health Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP032 Monitoring of Elderly Adults Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP033 IOT based Railway Level Crossing Gate Control system Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP034 IOT based agricultural irrigation and remote monitoring system Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP035 An IOT Based Emergency Alerting and Authentication Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP036 System for Industry Monitoring Application Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP037 IOT Based Smart Waste Management System in a Smart City Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP038 Artificial Intelligence Based Human Detecting Robot for Earthquake Rescue Operation Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP039 Artificial Intelligence Base Wheeled Fire Fighting Robot with a Fire-Extinguishing, Ball-Shooting Turret for Forest Areas Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP040 IOT Based Smart Wireless Sensor System for Real-Time Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP041 Monitoring and Fault Detection of Motor Arrays Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP042 IOT Based Solar Panel Power Monitoring System Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP043 Biometric Attendance System with Google Sheet Integration Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP044 IoT Based Air Quality Index Monitoring System Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP045 Sewage Monitoring and Maintenance Alert using IoT Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP046 Blynk Controlled Automatic Pet Feeder with Timer Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP047 Arduino based Roller Blinds to Automate and Control your Window Curtains with Google Assistant Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP048 IoT Based Solar Panel Power Monitoring using ESP32 and ThingSpeak Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP049 IoT Based Heart Rate Monitor using MAX30100 Pulse Oximeter and ESP32 Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP050 Smart Water Quality Monitoring System Using IoT Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP051 Voice Controlled Home Automation using Google Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP052 Assistant – Control Multiple loads in Online, Manual, and Timer Mode Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP053 IoT based Smart Parking System using ESP8266 NodeMCU Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP054 ESP8266 IoT Energy Monitor Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP055 IoT based Weather Station using ThingSpeak IoT Analytics Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP056 Smart Farm Application with Watering and Fertilizer System Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP057 SEBi: Smart Electric Bin Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP058 Water Level Monitoring On ESP12 Using Blynk Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP059 Nero: A Smart Glove That Controls Remote Devices Control NodeMCU Using Google Assistant on Pi Without IFTTT Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP060 Smart Helmet Using IoT Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP061 Eco - A Smart Garbage Container Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP062 Women Safety Device with GPS Tracking Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP063 Smart IOT fire detection Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP064 IoT Water Control and Monitor Using NodeMCU Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP065 Moisture sensor for IoT and Telegram Alert Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP066 Low cost earthquake detection & alerting Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP067 Web-based Garage Controller Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP068 Voice Controlled Home Automation using Google Assistant Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP069 COVID-19 Monitoring Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP070 Smart Fish Feeder Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP071 NodeMCU Solar Weather Station Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP072 IoT Based Inventory Management System using Load Cell and NodeMCU Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP073 IoT Based Sound Pollution Monitoring System – Measure and Track Decibels (dB) using NodeMCU Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP074 IoT based patient health condition monitoring system Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP075 IoT Based Automatic Vehicle Accident and Rash Driving Alert System Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP076 IoT based Fall Detection using NodeMCU ESP8266 and Accelerometer MPU6050 Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP077 IoT Based Food Monitoring System Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP078 IoT based Battery Monitoring System using NodeMCU and ThingSpeak Embedded-IOT 2023
WTEMP079 IOT based Medicine Reminder System Embedded-IOT 2023
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